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CISRAED™ or C.I.S.R.A.E.D. is the word-mark for the Central Information Services, Records Archive and Electronic Database ("CISRAED"), which was coined in 1996. CISRAED is established as a global infrastructure system, put in place to deliver Telechronology™ information, communication and monetary products, services and solutions to a global market.
CISRAED is a comprehensive mosaic of qualified professionals and advanced operating systems merged to deliver the most reliable and trustworthy global information interface in respect to a country, its peoples, places, things, businesses and affairs; whilst fulfilling the set ordinances, statutes, laws, rules, regulations, standards and codes of conduct.
It’s all in the name, . At C.I.S.R.A.E.D., "CISRAED" means,
the Telechronology™ interbank online network and host country’s operating centre/(s) that is/are established to facilitate the clearing of national and international financial and non-financial information;
the centre/(s), so deemed, for Clearing of Information, Securities, Repatriation Agencies and Electronic Debits pursuant to the provisions of the prevailing laws of the relevant jurisdictions;
the duly approved, regulated and enforced uniform central operating system that is used by licensed professionals, financial and non-financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, governments, legal and regulatory agencies, corporations, proprietors and consumers to combat domestic and international commercial crime and corruption, whilst fulfilling the intended goals and objectives in a timely, prudent and transparent manner, in accordance with internationally accepted rules, regulations and laws; and

the independent central information and financial operating centre/(s) that is/are established for the collection, analysis, authentication, validation, certification and dissemination of accurate ensemble and unbiased data, be it audited or unaudited, which are processed through a set of standardised and regulated services that entail Compliance Investigation,Synchronization, Reassurance and Abstraction of Electronic Data that are distributed through proprietary methods, techniques and technologies to the intended party, be it in real-time or otherwise.

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